WooCommerce + ClassiPress (free sample child theme included)

Someone in the forums asked this questions and i thought i should check how difficult or easy it is. It turns out its easy enough, in my case i made a typo causing me headaches 🙁

Disclaimer: This works with the default ClassiPress theme (3.5.7) and WooCommerce (2.6.4) Download the sample child theme here

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Private messaging for HireBee

Since the first release of HireBee, many people asked if it is possible for parties (site owners / employer / freelancers) to exchange private messages during a project.Now its ready, the plugin is based on the popular Front End PM from Shamim Hasan.

How it works is simple, when a workspace is created a page is activated where the parties can chat during the process.The site owner can see the messages from the back end to monitor the conversations.When the project is completed the private messages page is deactivated.Simple!

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Recommended plugins for WordPress sites

I am using WordPress the last 8 years, i used many plugins for my personal projects, some were bad some were awful and some are great.

My list of used tested and recommended plugins for WordPress


Best plugin for creating menus.(premium plugin)

WP All Import

Best plugin for importing data to your WordPress site, painlessly! (there is a free version too)

Contact Form 7

Nuff said

I will keep updating the list.