JointsWP + WooCommerce = Woojoo theme

Fun project using JointsWP + WooCommerce, nothing fancy. JointsWP is a great starter theme that uses Zurb Foundation framework with WordPress. I added the code to make it compatible with WooCommerce, some styling and voila!

I start doing it for a client that wanted a ‘simple’ theme and decided to publish it here as well. If you use it you can check the documentation of

Plugins i am using are

Simple Social Icons really simple, does the job, great plugin

WooCommerce doh!

This is not a complete theme, but i will use it as a reference if i need to, you can do the same if you like.

Woojoo demo

9 thoughts on “JointsWP + WooCommerce = Woojoo theme”

  1. Hi, this looks great! I used joints and woo commerce a couple of years back and it was fine but have been having problems with The current ointsWP with the xy grid and woo commerce v 3. Could I take a peek at your code to see how it’s done?

  2. Hi Dimitrios, I would like to get yout themes as a starting point.
    Really appreciate your support.

    All the best from Switzerland

    1. Hi, do you mean this theme? I will write a post with the changes I made to add them, otherwise I will have to send you the whole theme which includes everything.

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