Private messaging for HireBee

Since the first release of HireBee, many people asked if it is possible for parties (site owners / employer / freelancers) to exchange private messages during a project.Now its ready, the plugin is based on the popular Front End PM from Shamim Hasan.

How it works is simple, when a workspace is created a page is activated where the parties can chat during the process.The site owner can see the messages from the back end to monitor the conversations.When the project is completed the private messages page is deactivated.Simple!


  • Employers and Freelancers can exchange messages when a workspace is activated, when using escrow or not.
  • Site owner can monitor conversations
  • Site owner can send private messages to all users



A workspace is activated, the parties can message in each other.


Employer sends first message to freelancer.


Freelancer receives it


and replies


Employer receives and replies


In the meantime the site owner can see what is happening on the back end




This is in general how the plugin works.The site owner can limit the number of messages the parties exchange, the roles and many other things.

The plugin works only after a workspace is activated (an employer picked a freelancer).When the project is completed the workspace is deactivated and the parties will not be able to send pms any more.