JointsWP + WooCommerce = Woojoo theme

Fun project using JointsWP + WooCommerce, nothing fancy. JointsWP is a great starter theme that uses Zurb Foundation framework with WordPress. I added the code to make it compatible with WooCommerce, some styling and voila!

I start doing it for a client that wanted a ‘simple’ theme and decided to publish it here as well. If you use it you can check the documentation of

Plugins i am using are

Simple Social Icons really simple, does the job, great plugin

WooCommerce doh!

This is not a complete theme, but i will use it as a reference if i need to, you can do the same if you like.

Woojoo demo

WooCommerce + ClassiPress (free sample child theme included)

Someone in the forums asked this questions and i thought i should check how difficult or easy it is. It turns out its easy enough, in my case i made a typo causing me headaches 🙁

Disclaimer: This works with the default ClassiPress theme (3.5.7) and WooCommerce (2.6.4) Download the sample child theme here

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