New free plugins I tried

Google Reviews Widget

Yes it works, not so easy to find the Google keys + Ids etc but it works, thanks!

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

I had to edit a client’s email template and found this gem! Amazing work, great plugin

New plugins I tried


mmm, nice one, tricky to use sometimes but it comes with good support. I also love how organised the company looks and respectful of employees. They are close during weekends and on holidays, bravo! I wish more WP companies follow their example.


It is Uber and it is for WP menus. Tons of options, I wish there was a light version but still no1 choice if you need a complex menu.


: ) This plugin does more than you expect! Really powerful, really useful, tons of options again but what can you do.

Just Now Drop It! 

merry christmas snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Recommended plugins for WordPress sites

I am using WordPress the last 8 years, i used many plugins for my personal projects, some were bad some were awful and some are great.

My list of used tested and recommended plugins for WordPress


Best plugin for creating menus.(premium plugin)

WP All Import

Best plugin for importing data to your WordPress site, painlessly! (there is a free version too)

Contact Form 7

Nuff said

I will keep updating the list.