HireBee supports adaptive payments in short escrow, to enable this feature you need to setup your paypal settings. Highly recommended to start with a sandbox account and do your tests first and then move to your live site/payments.

What you will need

1 business account for the site owner

2 personal accounts, one for the employer and one for the freelancer

PayPal documentation explains how to create the different types of accounts but there is another important step for adaptive payments.

Payments Settings ‹ HireBee — WordPress

To get these values, click on the name of your business account and hit profile

Sandbox test accounts PayPal Developer

a pop up will appear, click on API Credentials


copy these values in payments>settings>paypal>Adaptive Payments SANDBOX API Credentials (Escrow)

Payments Settings ‹ HireBee — WordPress

and you are set.

Now, your freelancer must enter his PayPal account in his



and the employer can enter his, when he is redirected to PayPal to activate the workspace.

To test how the payments works, I suggest you open 3 browsers, 1 for each type of user. Create a project and continue with the whole process and check how it is completed.

When you feel comfortable you can then use the real credentials.