I see lots of new WP users trying to optimize their sites using the most advanced plugins and methods, DONT!. Most of the times you end up destroying your site and spend many hours debugging. The following plugins will help you without needing to change their default settings or read tutorials.

  • No 1 thing to keep in mind is to clear your cache regularly to actually see what your visitors see. Using a browser with empty cache just for that is the easiest way.
  • No 2 , if you use a bloated theme and 100 plugins no need to go the extra mile to optimize your site, it is not possible.

WP Super Cache, really easy to use without having to change the defaults. Plenty of documentation and tutorials. Works with WooCommerce and if you have a good host you can enable the ‘expert’ mode.

Autoptimize, use it for HTML, CSS, JS and images.

Redis Object Cache, caches your database queries, unfortunately you need a good hosting company to support it and it can cause trouble some times 🙂